How to Protect Your Ecommerce Site From Holiday Hacks

Protect Your Ecommerce Site This Holiday

There have been an alarming amount of security breaches covered by the news over the last year, from the Heartbleed vulnerability to the numerous breaches at USPS, Neiman Marcus, eBay, Home Depot, Target, and other retail businesses. According to Trustwave’s 2014 Global Security Report, 54% of the attacks that took place last year targeted ecommerce systems.

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Video apps seeing strong growth with Facebook Timeline

First, it was the lifestyle apps. Then, it was the media apps. Now, video apps are reporting huge growth numbers from launching Timeline-friendly features for Facebook.

Today, Facebook issued some interesting stats from a slew of video companies, including heavy hitters such as Vevo and Viddy.

These apps are using Actions, a new way for apps to show up on your Timeline. Actions turn structured data into a visually interesting and engaging experience for normal users, and these numbers show how well they work for video sites in particular.

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Tealeaf CX Mobile Brings Customer Experience, Usability to Mobile

Tealeaf CX Mobile Brings Usability to MobileIn July 2011, Tealeaf reported that after surveying more than 120 attendees of Forrester’s Customer Experience Forum, 84% felt that putting a mobile customer experience strategy in place is just as or more important than customer experience for fixed websites. Eight months later, Tealeaf is capitalizing on this sentiment by introducing a new version of Tealeaf CX Mobile, a complete mobile customer experience management solution.

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Semantic CSS With Intelligent Selectors

“Form ever follows function. This is the law.” So said the architect and “father of skyscrapers” Louis Sullivan. For architects not wishing to crush hundreds of innocent people under the weight of a colossal building, this rule of thumb is pretty good. In design, you should always lead with function, and allow form to emerge as a result. If you were to lead with form, making your skyscraper look pretty would be easier, but at the cost of producing something pretty dangerous.

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