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Mobile Apps

Developed according to YOUR needs

Mobile App Development for iOS, Android, Windows and BlackberryYour product(s) or service(s) can be offered through a mobile iOS and Android application world wide without the need for a web site.

You can promote your brand, product or service, and increase sales with an app store. We can assist you with our exclusive technique to advertise in the iOS Apple Store, Android Market and optionally for Blackberry and Windows Phone!

Because more and more people now have a smart phone or tablet for online access through mobile applications and which are here to stay, it is easier for people to communicate and make their purchases. When your business has a mobile app, you can have easier and faster communication with your customers and they save a lot of time as well. Your application can offer your customers, tracking numbers, invoicing, payment options, promotions and much more.

Mobile App Development for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry

A mobile application (iOS Apple, Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry) offers different functionalities from which you can choose from:

  • A mobile application for smart phones and tablets can include a built in shopping cart. Nowadays more and more people are buying from their smart phones and tablets, since it generates comfort and most of these users do not have time to access a regular computer to make a purchase. A mobile can do it all and even connect to all major social media sites and your customers can rate your product and service.
  • Your web site content can be synchronized into a mobile app for smart phones and tablets, which gives the users all of the information about your website. By doing so, you can also send newsletters, promotions, videos and anything related to your business. In other words, the synchronization of your web site content into a mobile application will enable you to interact much faster with your customers. This type of app is recommended for businesses and for independent entrepreneurs in general such as entertainment, news, personal trainers, coaches and so on.

Mobile applications can be promoted using paid advertising to increase visibility and therefore obtain more downloads. And this in turn equals to more potential customers as the downloads increase. The mobile application market is here to stay and you can either combine it with your web site or have it by itself to promote your brand or services.

You want to get a complete, top quality, custom developed solution from a reliable partner? Your solution is Turn Intermedia.