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Hi! We're Turn Intermedia
and we get your crowdfunding
project up to speed.
In service since the early days of crowdfunding.
Clients served in 30+ countries all over the world.
Generated in sales through ads & PR in 80+ countries.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the term used to describe the transparent method of online fundraising whereby funds are pooled from individual contributors to help achieve a defined initiative.
It is a democratizing financial frontier that creates opportunities for entrepreneurs to access capital for their endeavors through the collective effort of early adopters and loyal supporters.

What Makes Us Different?

We combine modern software and dedicated service to bring performance and efficiency to crowdfunding. Our reach is global, combining our experience with cutting-edge technology and analytics to find the best backers for the best products. Our friendly team prides itself on working transparently, and is always happy to help.

Perfomance-driven Partners

Our partnership model is fully aligned with creators. We want you to get the best returns together with a great experience – that means being honest, direct, responsive, committed – and friendly.

Crowdfunding Experts

We bring full-service efficiency to crowdfunding: get expert feedback, community building, digital marketing, PR, and post-crowdfunding services, all in one place.

Cutting-edge Technology

We’re always on learning mode, constantly adding new technologies to our toolkit. We develop our own systems to provide the best experience for Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and any other platforms.

Our Core Values

Everything we do at Turn Intermedia is guided by our values.

Work to make others successful

Our perfomance-based model, and trackable, transparent approach ensures we’re always incentivized to work

Fully transparent

We pride ourselves on working transparently, with an honest, respectful and friendly approach. We don’t make claims we can’t back up – and you can see every action we take to follow the progress.

Embrace innovation

Having been around since the early days of crowdfunding, innovation has become part of our DNA – we stay up to date with all the latest tech and trends, ensuring we have the right tools for success.

Strive to collaborate

Our perfomance-based model, and trackable, transparent approach ensures we’re always incentivized to work

Highly reactive

While heavily focused on scaling campaigns, we’re also committed to protecting your investment – if we see data going in the wrong direction, we react swiftly to take the appropriate action.

Learn from failure

While we always strive to succeed, we make sure to take the opportunity to learn if things go wrong, evaluating our actions to grow and continue to get better and smarter at what we do.